So I ignored my blog for a couple of weeks and promptly got caught up in the 3.70 vulnerability, inspite of using wordfence to protect my blog.
Things should be back to normal now, but I’ll keep an close eye for the next few days.

(I have to admit that I am slightly amused by the fact that the hacker hacking in the name of Peshmerga uses Comic Sans. If I were Daesh I’d tremble in my boots over that alone. Not sure what can be gained from hacking a small, personal blog, but I assume it’s in the numbers, not the individual sites)

tbt #2: Originally Posted August 25 2009

I had the weirdest dream tonight …

It all started off with someone sending me one of those little funny forwarded mails this time one about how old people like to busy themselves.
the list was:
1) masturbating
2) yelling at people
3) eating beef one time a week.

So, after getting this email I got the idea for starting a non-profit organisation that would allow people to order vibrators for old people in homes.
Homes could register with their amount of required vibers and add pictures of the the old ladies and visitors to the site could then choose the viber and lady and sponsor it.

Ginger Beer Test #3: J.Gasco

Design: Bottle with a light blue label featuring an drawing of a half-man-half-rooster creature.

Taste: It claims to be made “using the best Italian stuff”. It contains lime juice, so it’s a little bit sweet, but there is still a distinct ginger note. Not bad, but a little bit beige. 6/10