tbt #3: Originally Posted August 10 2004

Well, I came back wednesday but had caught a cold on the train so I wasnt much in a writing mood the last 2 days!

Anyway, I *refuse* to ever connect via Salzburg to anywhere again. I swear, I am cursed.
So I am sitting on the train and it does not leave forever and after a while they announced the train would be delayed for some technical problems.
So I rushed to the conductor asking what about my connection but he brushed me off and kept telling me they had a problem not me, because there was a burning truck and it could take hours.
he did say, though they would announce about the connection.
They never did, though, all they did was keeping to appologize for the delay and blah blah blah.

So the train arrived in Salzburg two hours late. I went to a conductor there and he basically laughed in my face and claimed they had announced in Innsbruck that you had to change to another train.


I got really annoyed at that point and marched off angrily announcing I was going to grab that guy now, but luckily for him I could not find him.

Then went on to check for connection and it turned out I’d have to wait 2 hours in Salzburg to go to Munich and then went another 2 hours there to go to Paris so all in all would arrive 7 hours late.
At least I got my money for the reservation back, something that the austrian rail normally doesn’t do.

The train arrived at sometime 2 am and was full of drunkards going to the Oktoberfest in Munich. I found a compartment all to myself, though. It was full of empty bottles and smelled, but better than nothing.
An hour or later or so 2 posh girls arrived and claimed they had reserved (which they had not, there were 3 handwritten notes but not actual reservation) but I was too tired to argue.

So for a while I ended up sitting with a bunch of drunks but got annoyed after a while because they farted and where drunk and they put the champagne bottle on the luggage holder and I was too scared it’d explode or hit me in any other way.

so I left elswhere and tried to sleep there, which was impossible because some loud talking american entertained the entire train by talking about his “friends with benefits” and “trading computerparts against dope with someone in japan who had diplomacy”.

By the time I got to board the train in Munich it was 9 am and I totally spaced out. I got a window seat, but as the train was totally packed for most of the time I could not even stretch out, and the seats were immensly hard and uncomfy.

At the end of the trip an old woman sat next to me who was a bit neurotic and kept rummaging through her bag and jabbing me with her elbows, and the further I moved to the window the more she came after me.

I arrived in Paris at about 5 pm and spent about two hours finding a tourist office. Booked myself into a hotel and then decided to explore a little.

tbt #2: Originally Posted August 25 2009

I had the weirdest dream tonight …

It all started off with someone sending me one of those little funny forwarded mails this time one about how old people like to busy themselves.
the list was:
1) masturbating
2) yelling at people
3) eating beef one time a week.

So, after getting this email I got the idea for starting a non-profit organisation that would allow people to order vibrators for old people in homes.
Homes could register with their amount of required vibers and add pictures of the the old ladies and visitors to the site could then choose the viber and lady and sponsor it.


Ginger Beer Test #3: J.Gasco

Design: Bottle with a light blue label featuring an drawing of a half-man-half-rooster creature.

Taste: It claims to be made “using the best Italian stuff”. It contains lime juice, so it’s a little bit sweet, but there is still a distinct ginger note. Not bad, but a little bit beige. 6/10


Ginger Beer Test #1: Stoli

Design: It’s the only one I got that’s in a can rather than a bottle. It’s rather retro looking, but not in a nostalgic way.
Taste: It claims to contain “natural ginger” but still tastes a little bit artificial and too sweet for my liking (not sure if it’s the sugar or the lime juice they added).

At €0.99 for 250ml it was by far the cheapest of the bunch, but all in all a rather disappointing experience. 0/10

#12: Seni Görmem Imkansız 

Who are they?

A duo from Turkey. 

Why I like it
The rhythm is very driven and hypnotic (I love it when the drums are loud in the mix) and I enjoy the vocals. 

Staying Power

They don’t seem to be active anymore, but one of the two members, Gaye Su Akyol has an interesting solo project. 

Listen for yourselves

Listen to Cok mutlusun by SeniGormemImkansiz #np on #SoundCloud