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I made a thing!

I guess I am not really blogging as much as I should, it’s hard to get into the habit again. But I made this, a WordPress plugin that allows you to organize your discography or record collection. It’s based on a very old thing I made back in 2004 or so, and I just converted it to WordPress and got it accepted into the repository. Yay!


So I ignored my blog for a couple of weeks and promptly got caught up in the 3.70 vulnerability, inspite of using wordfence to protect my blog.
Things should be back to normal now, but I’ll keep an close eye for the next few days.

(I have to admit that I am slightly amused by the fact that the hacker hacking in the name of Peshmerga uses Comic Sans. If I were Daesh I’d tremble in my boots over that alone. Not sure what can be gained from hacking a small, personal blog, but I assume it’s in the numbers, not the individual sites)

Mission Statement

Yesterday I made a mission to start listening to (at least) three new bands a day. These might be famous bands I haven’t paid attention to or bands I discover via the KEXP podcasts (or similar) as well as bands recommended on language learning forums. I’ll also make a point of listening across all kinds of genres, even those I tend to dislike.

For each of the bands that I like I will make a post highlighting briefly who they are, including a song.

Because I am only writing about bands I enjoy there will not always be three posts a day!

About once a month I will look back on the bands covered in the past, and whether I was able to check out more by them and what I enjoyed the most.