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Ginger Beer Test #3: J.Gasco

Design: Bottle with a light blue label featuring an drawing of a half-man-half-rooster creature.

Taste: It claims to be made “using the best Italian stuff”. It contains lime juice, so it’s a little bit sweet, but there is still a distinct ginger note. Not bad, but a little bit beige. 6/10

Ginger Beer Test #1: Stoli

Design: It’s the only one I got that’s in a can rather than a bottle. It’s rather retro looking, but not in a nostalgic way.
Taste: It claims to contain “natural ginger” but still tastes a little bit artificial and too sweet for my liking (not sure if it’s the sugar or the lime juice they added).

At €0.99 for 250ml it was by far the cheapest of the bunch, but all in all a rather disappointing experience. 0/10